Fairway Railing

DLH Distributing now offers aluminum and vinyl railing systems manufactured by Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions. Please call for details and lead times.

SlimlineA210 Aluminum
available in White, Bronze, and Black
• AAMA-2604-05 Compliant
• Meets ASTM E935 and E985
• Kit’s Available in 6′ and 8′ Level, 8′ Stair
• Durable aluminum and a 15 Year Warranty
• no pop rivets or screws where balusters meet rail
• Sub-rail channel great for optional LED installation
• 42″ Residential and Commercial Railing Heights
• notched balusters lock top and bottom rails together

Landmarke V110 Vinyl
Available in White
6’ and 8’ level and 8’ stair kits readily available
42” Residential and Commercial Railing height
Limited Lifetime Warranty
ICC AC174-09 Compliant – ESR #1657
Meets all major building codes
1-3/8” x 1-3/8” Square Balusters
Hidden Hardware
Patented Bracket System