Who is Nichiha?
Nichiha is a leading fiber cement manufacturer in Japan, where approx. 30% of single- family houses are covered by nichiha products. The annual number of housing starts in Japan is 1.2 million units which is the second largest total in the world after the US.

Nichiha has been manufacturing fiber cement siding since 1974 and has been marketing in the US since 1998.

Nichiha only sells product though local independent lumber dealers and siding wholesalers.

Sierra Premium Shake
Sierra Premium Shake™ is simply stunning. Sierra Premium™ puts it on thick…the shadows, the performance and the drama. It is no wonder Sierra Premium is the highest rated product of its kind. A home wrapped in Sierra Premium Shake is a source of pride and is certain to stay that way with less fuss and less maintenance. At a half-inch thick, Sierra Premium’s fiber cement construction stands up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer. Rot, pests and warping are a thing of the past… and Nichiha guarantees that better than anyone else in the industry.

Performance and value have never looked this good. There is no need to settle for an unprimed shake, when you can experience a fully finished NichiFrontier™ shake for less. NichiFrontier is a solid 7/16 of an inch thick, providing eye-popping shadow lines. It is also etched with deeply defined grooves and keyways that provide the perfect canvas for our premium PPG coating. Made from 50% recycled content, NichiFrontier is a beautiful and sustainable choice for discerning builders and homeowners alike. Backed by the best warranty in the business, NichiFrontier is always the easy choice.

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